REVIEW: A Quiet Place Part II

Quiet Places

REVIEW: Sound of Metal

There is much better metal to go deaf to than whatever this dude was playing

REVIEW: Wolfwalkers

I had a trip planned to Kilkenny, Ireland for June 2020...this will have to suffice

REVIEW: I'm Thinking of Ending Things

I hope Charlie Kaufman is not thinking of endings things


Christopher Nolan reverses time to when theaters were open

REVIEW: The Invisible Man

We have an early contender for dumbest movie of 2020

REVIEW: The Irishman

The Holy Trinity of mobster flicks united in their old age and, thanks to technology, young age as well


Yes, Kanye is featured on the soundtrack

REVIEW: Pain and Glory

Antonio Banderas got old

REVIEW: Ford v Ferrari

I'm genuinely concerned by Christian Bale's weight transformations at this point